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Q & A

What is Prosper Rewards?

Itís a unique program that rewards you for using your Visa Platinum credit card, traditional debit card, or S3 Visa debit card.

How do I earn Prosper Points?

You earn one point for every dollar you spend on eligible signature based Visa Platinum credit card purchases. You earn one and one-quarter point for every dollar you spend on eligible signature based Visa Signature credit card purchases. You can also earn one point for every two dollars spent on eligible signature based traditional debit card or S3 Visa debit card purchases*.

How do I earn bonus points?

Visit the Earning Points page for additional bonus point opportunities that may be available to you.

How do I Household points?

If you would like your cards to be householded, please contact us at 1-800-226-6428.

How do I earn cash back rewards?

Cash back can be earned by S3 Visa debit card holders only. Contact us as 1-800-226-6428 for additional information.

When can I redeem Prosper Points?

You can redeem points any time and can redeem as few as 750 points. With Points Purchase you can buy points to redeem for items above your available points balance. Why wait? Redeem today!

How do I redeem for travel?

We offer easy ways to redeem your points for travel. Simply use our Travel Resource Center to book online, or speak with our travel agency by calling our service center toll-free at 1-844-3-PROSPER (1-844-377-6773), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How do I redeem for gifts?

Redeeming your Prosper Points for gifts and gift cards is just as easy. Simply compare the total points youíve accumulated with the number needed for the items you want. Then, redeem online or call our live Prosper Rewards service center toll free at 1-844-3-PROSPER (1-844-377-6773). A reward specialist will take your order and you will receive your items within 2-4 weeks.

Can my Prosper Rewards points be combined with points earned on other programs?

Points may not be combined with, or transferred to, other reward programs.

Do Prosper Points expire?

They do not expire.

Are Prosper Points transferable?

Points are not transferable.

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