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Earning points

You earn one point for every dollar you spend on eligible signature based Visa Platinum credit card purchases. You earn one and one-quarter point for every dollar you spend on eligible signature based Visa Signature credit card purchases. You can also earn one point for every two dollars spent on eligible signature based traditional debit card or S3 Visa debit card purchases*.

Earn bonus points with ShopSPOT on-line

Earn bonus points when you use the ShopSPOT on-line feature. ShopSPOT on-line is an added benefit for Rewards cardholders and a convenient way to earn bonus points while you shop online at any of the participating merchants found on the ShopSPOT on-line website.

When you’re ready, you can do all of your redemptions online

Select from the hundreds of items available in the online catalog and compare your available points with the number needed for the item you want. If you have any questions, you can call the Service Center at 1-844-3-PROSPER (1-844-377-6773), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A Redemption Specialist will be happy to assist you.

Click here to redeem your points!

*Points are not earned on the following: any unauthorized charges or transactions, cash advances, convenience checks, balance transfers, ATM withdrawals, debit card transactions that involve the use of a PIN number, or any fees including ATM fees and card-related charges posted to an enrolled card account, including late fees, over-limit fees, annual fees, and finance charges as outlined in the applicable Cardholder Agreement, except as otherwise permitted in special promotional offers. You will earn negative points if returns or credits exceed purchases.

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